Toronto Day 8 : Clafouti’s Crusty Croissants

Clafouti was our first stop after an all-night party at my friend M’s place. Went to bed at 4PM, got up again at 7:45AM. I think I’m getting to old for this…

So how better to start off a sluggish day than with a big ol’ cup o’ Joe (in this case – a latte because I’m floofy that way). I remember when I went out in the total suburbs in the GTA during the trip (Blue Mountains region) and tried to order at latte at Timmy’s (Tim Horton’s) and got some strange looks. I guess I’m just a big city girl with big city wants. That, or I’m just too floofy. I just haven’t taken a liking to American-style drip Coffee. I’m sorry.

Clafouti is well known in Toronto for its great croissants – and now I know why. The pastry is fluffy, and the shell shatters when you bite into it (E was quite annoyed that he lost a bit of croissant with every bite, but E’s funny that way). There was a pleasant balance between bouncy dough and holes throughout the centre. I really enjoyed the buttery flavour and overall texture of the croissant. It was around $2, so not cheap, but totally worth the money for the quality (I’m merely comparing it to my experiences in Paris where you can get delicious pastries for ridiculously cheap prices).

E always loves heading out of town for French pastries because strangely Boston doesn’t have any non-Italian bakeries around town (and E & I just don’t like our cannolis very much). In order to get E’s favourite baked goodies, we have to head to Toronto, or head on vacation.

The coffee was by Balzac. It’s supposed to be one of the better brands in Toronto. Once again, I’ll have to say that Torontonians need to get out more and explore what the rest of the world has to offer in terms of espresso beans / coffee. I’m not much of a coffee drinker (since I had cut it out after University and only started up again two months ago because of breakfast dates with E), but I can already tell that Balzac’s lacks the flavour of many of my other favourite beans around Boston, Chicago, etc. It could just be that Clafouti dilutes their lattes with water… it seriously tasted like watered-down coffee. So strange.

In the end, I’d definitely recommend checking out Clafouti if you want a nice French Patisserie, especially their justly famous Croissants. Go early though, as they seem to be a hot seller.


915 Queen Street West, Toronto


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