Chicago Day 5 – Monk Fish, Mercat & More

On the way back to the Hotel after attending Chicago Gourmet, we came across a neat little Cupcake Truck. Food trucks are all the rage now, and this was unabashedly cutesy with its powder pink colouring (I thought it was neat, so I took a photo of some cupcake fans whipping out their wallets to … Continue reading

Chicago Day 4 – C.G. (Chicago Gourmet/Cash Grab)

Chicago Gourmet ‘happened’ to coincide with our trip to Chicago. Being as cheap as I am, I waited for Groupon to feature it and then proceeded to get them half off. Of course, they only offered the less appealing date of Sunday, September 26 (based on the schedule), but since I was only paying a … Continue reading

Chicago Day 4 – Brunchin’ @ Bongo

E loves a good brunch. Every city we’ve visited (in North America), we’ve included at least one brunch stop. In NYC, we hit West Village’s Jane Restaurant & Nougatine @ The Trump Tower.  When it was time for me to do research on Chicago, The Bongo Room was pretty much mentioned as the must-brunch-here option … Continue reading

Chicago Day 3 – Hot Diggity Dawgs & Dacquoise

Vanille Patisserie After some of the best Smoked Fish of my life, J & A drove us back into town to hit Vanille Patisserie. E’s been having his usual withdrawal from good French pastries, so we needed to squeeze a stop in at one of the reputedly best spots in town for a fix. Vanille … Continue reading

Chicago Day 3 – No Reservations

I’m a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain. And that’s an understatement. I think the guy is incredibly funny and he’s just so honest. It’s hard to someone who pulls no punches, especially in the world of food and entertainment. So when I started to do research on Chicago, I remembered seeing an old episode on … Continue reading

Chicago Day 2 – Avenues at The Peninsula: An Epicure’s Dream

This was the ultimate culmination of a bunch of seemingly insignificant events over the past month into one grand experience.  Just one month ago, I made a reservation for Avenues. This was a result of some rather unorthodox (for me anyway) research techniques to find the best Chicago had to offer. Along the way, I … Continue reading

Chicago – Food, Art & Wind

Chicago is such a great city. We just got back from a frantically paced 5 day trip to the windy city. Our bellies are full; our thirst for art/culture/architecture has been quenched.  We had a whirlwind of a time. This whole thing got started when we saw a great deal on airfare about a month … Continue reading