Toronto Day 8 : Clafouti’s Crusty Croissants

Clafouti was our first stop after an all-night party at my friend M’s place. Went to bed at 4PM, got up again at 7:45AM. I think I’m getting to old for this… So how better to start off a sluggish day than with a big ol’ cup o’ Joe (in this case – a latte … Continue reading

Toronto Day 7 : Part 2 – Sushi Couture is NOT Pret à Porter

I like to venture out to new restaurants because I like the sense of adventure. As well, restaurants tend to try better when they first open shop. I know that I try harder at the beginning! Especially if I’m trying to build a clientele based on good word-of-mouth. When I read super things about Sushi … Continue reading

Toronto Day 7 : Part 1 – Time to Veg Out

The body needed some R&R from all the heavy-duty eating we’ve been doing over the course of the week, so I decided to give my arteries a Master Cleanse by going to my favourite little Vegetarian Restaurant : Lotus Pond Vegetarian Restaurant. Located in Scarborough, this little gem’s been around for forever now. It’s a … Continue reading

Toronto Day 6 : Friends with a Side of Kimchi

Every time I go back to Toronto, I say to myself that I would cut down on the amount I eat. Every time I get back from Toronto I end up telling myself “Next Time – Less Food”. It just never, ever works. So here we are on Day 6 and we must be on … Continue reading

Toronto Day 4 : Tastes of Thailand & Toronto

In East Scarborough, where I was born and raised. On the playground is where I spent most of my days… So yeah, you get the idea. Scarborough (part of the Greater Toronto Area – GTA for short) is where I grew up after being welcomed into the world at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto.  When … Continue reading

Toronto Day 3 : The “Chinese Turkey” Thanksgiving

With the arrival of Fall, the promise of colours was too much to pass up during our trip up to Canada. It was also a great excuse to use my new fixed lens!  Family suggested that we make a trek up to Blue Mountain to catch the changing colours.  The drive up was a bit … Continue reading

Toronto Day 2 : Tour East – from Vietnam to Shangri-la

E & I traveled back to Toronto to help celebrate the union of two of our good friends. Before heading to the ceremony (which was located at the Shangri-la), we had a chance to grab some Vietnamese food from a restaurant my family highly recommended. I’m a bit tentative when it comes to Vietnamese food … Continue reading

Toronto Day 1 : Lobzilla 4-ways

E is an easy to please man. He requires only one thing each time we travel back to Toronto – his giant 10 lb lobster. And who was I to deprive him of this fancy feast?  We rounded up family to head to Omei Chinese Restaurant in Richmond Hill to feast on their delicious Lobster … Continue reading